Get Involved

What can you do to help make this app a reality?

Tell your friends

We need people, lots of people, to support this idea before we can launch. One of the most helpful things you can do is to send people to our website, tag them in our posts, ask them to sign up for our email list, etc. You lose nothing from spreading the word!

Sign up

Our goal is to get 1,000 people to sign up for our email list prior to starting our crowd-funding campaign. Think of it as a petition to get us up and running. Signing up is completely free. Once a week you may get an email from us, telling you about a giveaway, featuring a makeup artist, sharing some info, etc. As we get closer, we will email you about contributing to the database and early access!

Follow us on social media

We spend most of our time on Instagram. We hope to also have 1,000 followers by the time we launch so we would love to connect with you there! If you post photos of your beats on Instagram, you can tag us in your photos and we may pick your photo to be featured on your page!

Take a survey

We are constantly doing research that will help us improve upon this app. You can take an anonymous survey here about your makeup use that will help us create a product that meets your needs and expectations. Click here to take the survey.